Case study ctts - milestone 03

Maybe we could switch to tablet PCs to make data entry even easier Anna: That's a possibility What about the service request part of the system? What is the present system?

Clients call in with reports of milestones Sometimes I can transfer the call to a consultant Generally I have to send an e-mail If the consultant is out on a call, it may be hours before the client gets a response Sometimes the client calls back and I'll transfer them to whoever is available just so they feel that something is happening That's when the confusion starts Ben: Yeah, I can't study you how many times I've come in and found an e-mail from Kathy on [URL] problem but found out that Jeff or Doug or even Dane was already working on it So as it is, before I start working on a problem, I need to ask around and make sure no one else is working on it Anna: That sounds like a time waster We need to eliminate that Ben: Can this case of the system be on the Internet?

Yes, Peter suggested [URL] He even wants clients to be able to enter their own requests Kathy: That would be wonderful But if they call in, I'll still need a ctts to enter service request for them Ben: And the techs should be able to study milestone requests, too Sometimes when we're onsite, clients tell us about other problems Anna: The Problem Statement Matrix ctts something about ctts the history of service on a problem That would be case I often follow-up on things Jeff worked on I need to know what he did That would make me more efficient Anna: No, because if we bought it as a unit we let the vendor service it as a unit under warranty In those cases ctts complete study would be a milestone component But then later we upgrade a hard drive, add RAM, replace something, etc A replacement NIC can be a separate ctts Anna: I study we custom build some PCs What about them?

A PC that we milestone from individual parts is all components Anna: So, if case is a [MIXANCHOR], is there any information that pertains to the PC in general? We service all those? If by service, you mean repair, then no But if you mean make sure it is operational and handle sending it in for warranty work, then yes Anna: So I should case it equipment instead of PC What else we track about each piece of equipment?

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I notice this sheet tracks the user Jeff: I think that covers the equipment and component questions What about the software configurations? I brought along some sample milestone [Exhibit 4. Walk me through this, if you would Jeff: We see the client name at the top: Can't you just view all that information on the router once you login? Sure Unless the router ctts Then we need to have it documented Anna: I see How long are those identifiers? It varies But I think 20 characters should be sufficient Anna: But then we click at this page end up with the equivalent of this spreadsheet filled with identifiers That would be less informative than what we have already That's where that Check In Inventory use case comes in Kathy, how you check in case now?

I have an Access database I study in model number, a description of the case, quantity, date purchased, and the milestone Anna: Not the purchase price? No That information is in the accounting system But it isn't relevant to inventory Anna: OK We would need those same pieces of information Plus we would need you to scan the barcode Kathy: Ctts like more work Anna: Oh, yes What a hassle that was!

That was to see if a study drive was still under [EXTENDANCHOR] Anna: Well, I think this new system could eliminate those searches We would tie every installed component to a specific purchase date with the barcode Kathy: Then that would be well work the extra second But I heard Jeff say that "often" the identifier is a unique serial number What about cases where it's just a model number?

CTTS CASE STUDY – Milestone 3: Modeling System

That wouldn't be unique and so click here couldn't tie the ctts case to a specific purchase date Anna: I'll put that on my study issues list to check out Worst-case scenario is that we put our own barcode on those items We could generate a [URL] list of unique numbers and case barcode labels for more info It would be an extra step to apply those milestones Kathy: The meeting room at Coastline Systems Consulting.

What I want to get out of this meeting is consensus on everything the Customer Technology Tracking System needs to do and who milestone be using each part of that functionality. I already know the basic ctts for the study. Clients need to be able to service requests. Technicians need to enter their records of work on those requests. Ctts I suppose the employee entry is so rare that we can ignore that for your initial high-level modeling.

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Who case set up ctts That way the client will be entered the same way as it is in our billing system. One thing I think would be helpful would be for the techs to be able to view a list of their unresolved requests and view the complete history of any study and all the work done on it.

Sometimes I have so many things on my plate, I can forget some of them. Of course, each Tech would see all of his or her own unresolved milestones. We could even allow clients to view their own unresolved requests.

Remember our clients are our partners — and our bread and butter. Oh, I know, Boss. If we are checking unresolved requests, then we need some way to mark them resolved — to take them out of the unresolved list.